HTC is a school of diversity and unity. Granted, all high schools are diverse, but how many can legitimately claim to be unified and actually have a school body that is? I only know of one, HomeTech. I feel strongly that HTC is one of a select few schools which actually is a safe place for its students to go to be educated and not have to endure bullying in doing so. The teachers know our names, they have genuine care for our well-being, legitimate concern for our educational progress and create student-teacher relationships that I've witnessed nowhere else. Individuality, success and technology with an anti-bullying atmosphere and impeccable student-teacher relationships are just a few reasons HTC is so great. - HTC Student

HomeTech has ensured my son's success with respect and care. I am excited that he will be graduating. We feared for his future and this school has given us hope. Thank you HomeTech Charter School!! - HTC Parent

HomeTech is a great fit for me. I feel strongly that without the help and support of all the faculty members I likely would not be as successful as I have been! Thank you for all your help and support! - HTC Student

When I first enrolled at HTC, I was slightly skeptical of the system, because I had previously tried home-schooling modeled schools, but they never seemed to be a good fit. Boy am I glad I did! It's the best system for me, and I would guess for everyone else here, too. When I walked onto campus for the first time I was greeted with nothing less than respect, acceptance and an overwhelming feeling of welcome. I feel strongly that this is one of the many reasons that makes HTC a great example of what school should look like, feel like and be. - HTC Student