Student Learning Outcomes

All HomeTech Charter School students will be:

Academic Lifetime Achievers

  • Students use critical thinking to organize, analyze, and synthesize information.
  • Students communicate effectively using skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking through a variety of mediums.
  • Students think creatively while exploring a variety of problem solving strategies.

Self Directed

  • Students create personal goals and objectives leading toward their learning and future growth.
  • Students enthusiastically share the products of their work.
  • Students actively seek knowledge while problem solving.

Physically Fit / Healthy

  • Students explore and participate in Healthy lifetime activities and access resources as needed.
  • Students are aware of and actively reject unhealthy influences in their lives.
  • Students present themselves as positive role models.


  • Students consistently focus inward evaluating their actions and the impact on others.
  • Students are able to identify and address their current state of mind.
  • Students apply personal learning styles and strengths while addressing areas of growth.

Responsible Citizens

  • Students develop a global awareness and respect others and their environment.
  • Students actively engage in our democratic society and participate in civil discourse suspending bias in order to gain insight.
  • Students practice citizenship while positively impacting our environment.


  • Student’s conscience rules his/her actions.
  • Students use virtues to positively influence those around them.
  • Students will ASPIRE to do what is right.