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In this course we will learn about the basic properties of clay.  Plasticity of clay versus leather hard clay.  Bone dry versus bisque fired.  We will also learn different glaze techniques and the difference between glaze, underglaze, and overglaze.  We will also learn basic building techniques: pinch forming, building with slabs, building with coils.  Several small projects will be assigned for you to explore and experiment with. We will also cover wheel throwing on the potters wheel and the student will be given the opportunity to "throw" pottery.  The student will learn how to “center” and “throw” on the potters wheel and how to trim the bottom to create a well formed bowl.  During the second semester we will move into a more artistic mode.  We will study different ceramic artist and move into projects that will allow your skill and creativity to shine through.


Move your body in a variety of fun ways that will increase your strength, agility, and energy level. A variety of different activities will engage your entire body in dynamic ways, such as yoga, gymnastics, weight bearing exercises, and many more. No prior exercise experience is necessary, only a willingness to participate and a desire to move! The instructor has been playing sports her whole life and likes to exercise in a variety of ways.


This class provides instruction and review of the basic math skills that each student needs to be successful in Algebra and beyond. The focus of the class is to assess each student individually, help the student to fill in any math “gaps” they need to learn, and to encourage each student to succeed in math.


This class provides instruction and review of basic English language and grammar skills. Skills that each student needs to be successful in learning. The focus of the class is to assess each student individually, help the student to fill in any “gaps”, focus on improving reading comprehension and writing skills, and to encourage each student to succeed.


Fun with Film is a film appreciation course that introduces students to the film industry and history of cinema through the study of classic and contemporary films.  Emphasis will be placed on exposing students to a wide variety of styles and genres as well as building their analytical abilities.  Fun with Film will have an interdisciplinary approach to learning by integrating visual literacy, literature, art, history, and music.


1-year elective course appropriate for grades 7 through 12.  Students will learn basic techniques for drawing 2-dimensionl and 3-dimensional objects.  This course will start off with pencil only and move toward creating drawings in color using colored pencils and/or crayons.


This elective course will begin with an exploration and appreciation of famous watercolor paintings. Students will learn about color, technique, and principles of design.  They will be able to create their own watercolor paintings in a step-by-step process. Basic supplies will be provided for you. Unleash your creativity and enjoy all that watercolor art has to offer! Space will be limited to 10 students.


Explore ideas and perspectives through a wide variety of activities designed to inspire students to express their thoughts, connect with others, and create meaning in their lives. We will cover life-influencing topics while engaging our fun-loving, artistic nature in a friendly, flexible, and collaborative environment.