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The most necessary task of civilization is to teach people how to think.  
                                                                                                        ~Thomas A. Edison

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Why is Math Different Now?


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  1. Attend all class sessions and be on time.
  2. During class, always have your pencil and paper out and be ready to work.
  3. Participate in class and ask questions.
  4. Complete and turn in all assignments.
  5. Remediate quizzes/tests to improve your grade.
  6. As soon as you start to feel lost, get help.

Why Do We Have to Learn This?

The first answer to this question is: the more math you know, the more options you will have as you decide on education and career choices down the road.
Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), when students learn mathematics they learn and experience logical reasoning. You can use logical reasoning to find answers to real life problems in a broad range of situations. In other words, math teaches you how to think. When you learn how to solve problems in math, you are wiring your brain to be able to solve problems in other areas of life.

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