Open Campus Waiver

“Open Campus” is defined as a 9th through 12th grade privilege to leave the HomeTech Aspire campus during lunch and free periods. Be aware that during the student’s exercise of the open campus privilege, the school administration may not know the destination, whereabouts, and/or activity of the student; however, the student is still bound by the rules and regulations pertaining to personal conduct as outlined in the student handbook and will be subject to disciplinary action for violations thereof.
Students who have signed a parental permission form on file with the school office may have off- campus lunch and free period privileges. Parental permission forms must be turned in to the school secretary by the first full day of the semester or upon enrollment. Visit the Forms page to download the Open Campus Waiver form.
It is the student’s responsibility to return to school on time when using this privilege. Also, taking any students without parental permission is a serious offense and will result in placement on the behavioral step system and individual loss of open campus privileges.
Waiver of Liability: when the student and parent sign the Open Campus agreement, they agree to release HomeTech Charter School from any and all liability for a student’s actions during his or her exercise of the open campus privilege. Furthermore, the signed agreement also releases HomeTech Charter School for any and all liability for personal injury or loss of life while the student is exercising his or her open campus privilege.