Off-Campus Policy

The following guidelines have been established for HomeTech Charter School’s off-campus policy. It is important that parents and students understand the expectations and rules governing off-campus privileges.
Visit the Forms page to download a printable Off-Campus Policy form for signatures of parent and student. Your signatures will indicate that you have reviewed and discussed these regulations and are fully aware of the liability associated with this privilege.
  1. Parents and the student must sign the application in the presence of school personnel.
  2. Students with off-campus privileges will not take students off campus who are not authorized to leave. This includes students who have not been granted permission or who do not have valid off-campus ID pass in hand.
  3. Students with off-campus privileges will return to school for the remainder of their school day. Failure to check out properly will be treated as skipping.
  4. Students with off-campus privileges will maintain an acceptable conduct record in accordance with the policies of HomeTech Charter School.
  5. Students with off-campus privileges will return to class on time. Excessive tardies and/or absences will result in a suspended pass.
  6. Students with off-campus privileges and their parents/guardians are responsible for where students go and for transportation.
  7. Students exercising off-campus privileges must have the pass in their possession at all times. The pass must be presented each time the privilege is exercised.
  8. Students exercising off-campus privileges are not allowed to visit other school campuses while off campus.
  9. The school assumes no extra liability for any accident or injury incurred in the exercise of this permit.
  10. Students exercising off-campus privileges should exit and return through the front office (Suite A) and present their pass to Danielle or Mr. Ervin before leaving campus.